Deputy Chief Librarian
En Sharol Nizam Bin Johol
Tel: 09-8400 181
Emel: sharol8720
Medium Quality Excellence is motto of UiTM Cawangan Terengganu library with the main focus is to:
Provide excellent service to all levels of library users through the provision of sound information system and skills upgrading of staff on an ongoing basis.

Library UiTM Cawangan Terengganu serves as one of the:
  1. Supporting learning, teaching and research of UiTM Cawangan Terengganu to educate native became professional and professional.
  2. Collecting a variety of materials related to the programs offered.
  3. Providing facilities/services so that these materials can be used as a maximum by all users.
  4. Strive to create a campus community has read.

Consequently the management library has provided appropriate clients charter to ensure that services is the best for library users. During this time the library is headed by a Deputy Chief Librarian and assisted by three Librarians and twenty one person support staff. All comments and suggestions for improvement of the service is welcome. Comments and suggestions can be submitted by:

  • A suggestion box is placed outside the library; or
  • KNOWLEDGE of mail and ' box ' is any proposal forms on-line in the INFOTRACK