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The Diploma in Industrial Hygiene and Safety Technology is the first diploma program offered at IPTA in Malaysia. This programmed has been accredited and acknowledged by various local and international organizations such as Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association (MIHA) and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Students will be exposed to the fundamentals of science, safety and process management in semester 1 until semester 4. In the fifth (final) semester, students are required to attend Industrial Training within 17 weeks. Students will be able to adapt in real working environment in Industrial Hygiene and Safety. The importance of this training is to enhance their knowledge and skills from what they have learned in the class.


Career Opportunities


Upon graduation, graduates will have become skilled and responsible for the safety and health of workers at the workplace, especially for industries such as construction, mining, manufacturing, services and other industries all of which are skills needed for Industrial Hygiene professionals in the industry. Among the positions that can be held are:

  • Hygiene technician (chemical monitoring / inspection; testing / assessment of engineering control equipment; monitoring of noise exposure)
  • Certified gas testers
  • Indoor air quality assessor
  • Assistant security & health officer
  • Consultant in Industrial Hygiene
  • Site security & admissions


Programs Offered


Diploma in Industrial Hygiene and Safety Technology (AS121)


Pra- Diploma Sains (PD007/008)