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Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Electronics) program can be divided into three majors which are Electronics, System, Communication and Computer. Students will be exposed to the fundamentals of electrical and electronics engineering in the first four semesters of studies. In the fifth (final) semester, students have the freedom to choose their majors that is in line with their interest. For those interested in pursuing the Electronics major, they will be exposed to designing electronic equipment be it digital or analog. Whereas for System, students will be exposed to PLC in Process Industry, Process Control, Computer in Process Control, and Industrial Automation. Communication focuses on communication network system, wireless systems and design of radio frequency equipment and for those who are interested to take Computer as their major, they can expect to focus on Windows programming, computer network and its applications.


Meanwhile, for Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power) program, Students focuses more on majoring in Electrical Power like Microcontroller, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Machine and Drives, Power Electronics and Electrical Machines.


Career Opportunities

Graduates from this program have a myriad of career opportunities, be it with the government or the private sector. Among them are electronic components fabrication and semiconductor sectors like Intel, Sony, Agilent and Samsung Group. Same goes to graduates from majoring System will have the opportunity joining multinational company like Western Digital, Flextronics and HP Manufacturing and Proton. For telecommunication graduates, they can have the chance to work with major telecommunication providers such as Celcom, Maxis, Telekom Malaysia, Digi, and many more. Computer graduates have the opportunity to work with computer network, computer components and software consultation and service companies. For graduates in Electrical Power, they have the opportunity serve to TNB, E&I department in Oil & Gas Companies and many more. Graduates will be assigned to be the assistant technician or assistant engineer in the beginning.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Electronic) is offered in four campuses: UiTM Pulau Pinang, UiTM Pasir Gudang, UiTM Dungun and UiTM Sarawak.


Program Offered

Diploma Programs:

    Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Electronic) (EE111)

    Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power) (EE112)




Nuraiza Ismail

 | Gold Medal (IIDEL 2018),  3 Mei 2018

 | Gold Medal (EICD 2018),  24 Mei 2018

 | Gold Medal (e-CONDEV),  28 Ogos 2018


Siti Khadijah Hasan

 | Gold Medal (EICD 2018),  24 Mei 2018

 | Gold Medal ( EPIC 2018),  21 – 22 September 2018


Nooradzianie Muhammad Zin

 | Gold Medal (EICD 2018),  24 Mei 2018


Dr Mohd Aziz Aris

 | Gold Medal (IIDEX 2018), 24-28 September 2018



Professional Qualification:


Ir Dr Zulzilawati Binti Jusoh

(Professional Engineer)


Ts Dr Ermeey Bin Abd Kadir

Ts Mohd Suhaimi Bin Sulaiman

(Professional Technologists)


Tc Mat Yushafizee Bin Mat Yunus

(Certified Technician)


EK Tier 5: Photonics Engineering Reseacrh Group

Ir Dr Zulzilawati Binti Jusoh

Dr Baktiar Bin Musa

Dr Husna Abdul Rahamn (UiTM Shah Alam)

Dayana BintinKamaruzaman

Siti Sara Binti Rais

Nur Hafizah Rabiah Husin