Head Of Senior
Nurul Dahlya Binti Alias
Tel: 09-8400 140
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Facility Management Division (BPF) is the support to the management of UiTM.The roles of BPF was very substantially the facility management of the University.Almost all of the assets of universities is maintained by BPF. All University facilities unless IT tools and teaching AIDS was under the management of the Division.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction in providing services, the Division has divided into three units more patterned to management and no longer a technical. Contract unit, Unit customer service and management units, each headed by the technical assistant.

With different staff, technical areas not only want to move BPF sear us with technological advancement and development facilities, but also in managing the University's facilities in providing the best to our customers.

  • Make UiTM Cawangan Terengganu branch as an INSTITUTION with the best campus facilities management.

  • Become an organization of reference in the field of facility management.
  • have effective management systems, efficient and proactive.
  • Provides complete infrastructure and conducive learning environment and educational on conductive environment on campus.
  • Competitive maintenance package

  • Create a customer in dealing in accordance with saticfaction standards.
  • Ensure that the maintenance is done from time to time in accordance with the needs of the campus to be preferred
  • Plan development process to be held in tandem with the passage of time and technological advancement
  • No compromise in terms of safety and quality