Senior Deputy Registrar
En Azizan Azid
Tel: 09-8400 111
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Administration Department is the heart of management for UiTM Cawangan Terengganu in charge of management and human resource development. It is headed by the Deputy Registrar and is assisted by the Executive Officer, head of security and support staff.

  • Simple, quick and effective.
  • Develop systems and processes management of future-oriented staff.
  • Administration, Office of the Registrar as a 'Centre of excellence for human resources management that support and lead towards the achievement of the University'.
The Objectives Of The
  • Creating effective and efficient management through the management system easy and fast and focused through the application of values and practices of total quality management
Client's Charter
  • Ensure that the records and documents of the University and staff prepared,maintained and stored safely and guarantee official secrets as provided under the Official Secrets Act 1972.
  • Guarantee to provide accessibility and efficient transport and fast to the staff and students.
  • Guarantee recruitment support staff made in a fair, equitable and professional.
  • Ensure effective communication between staff
  • Ensuring staff are protected in accordance with the regulations in force at the University
  • Ensure that the rights and interests of staff maintained and implemented as a trustworthy and transparent.