Head Of Division
Deputy Rector (Academic)
Prof. Madya Dr. Hjh Khlipah Ibrahim
Tel: 09-8403 700
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As an educational institution and research, Academic Affairs Division is one of the most important part in the organisational structure of Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Terengganu. The Division handles academic-related starting from new student registration until judgement involving the UiTM alumni Terengganu.
The Division is headed by the Deputy Rector (academic). He is assisted by the head of the school, Faculty Coordinator, Assistant Registrar, Coordinators/heads of units and executive officers as well as members of other support staff. At the moment there are about 360 permanent lecturers and 41 staff support provide services to approximately 7,000 students in UiTM Cawangan Terengganu.


The objective of the HEA is:
 Meet current requirements and standards of professionalism in the world of academia
 Manage the process and academic procedures
• Provide academic
 Implement and monitor the quality of assessments and academic standards
• Ensuring the participation in various academic activities including publications and research