Coordinator Faculty  :   Dr.Ir. Zulzilawati Jusoh



Education Electrical Engineering is a dynamic profession that have evolved to take into account the current and future developments. Hence the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE) with the motto "Always Together Advancement" is now growing rapidly, with six full-time program and also a part-time program. FKE's mission is to produce graduates who are knowledgeable, disciplined, lordly and quality as well as competitive next have a high endurance. Electrical Engineering is the engineering of the most-popular among the students of UiTM.
FKE was established in 1968 with the objective to train and provide studies in the field of special engineering to Bumiputera whether at the professional or semi-professional. In the early stages, FKE only offers two programs alone. Until today FKE has produced in 1000 and 4600 Assistant Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineer in various specializations such as Electronics, Power and Equipment.