Dated July 1, 1975 in history which saw the establishment, in Sura Gate, UiTM Kampus Dungun, Dungun, Terengganu. This campus
has 17 acres of land, which was a relic of a leased Iron Ore Company of the State Economic Development Corporation (PERMINT).

At that time there were 22 wooden building used as administrative buildings, lecture rooms, library and hostel for students. Some other buildings were the Union Club, Sg Buaya and Sungai Udang converted be as a student dormitories.

Renovation of buildings and the construction of additional buildings in Sura Gate was also done to accommodate the needs of students and staff at the time. Such modifications include 5 pieces of old buildings made lecture rooms, houses and a mosque Resident Representative and two stores long been Refectory and 2 blocks laboratories and student recreation center.

While a permanent campus in Sura Hujung was built in 1982, but Sura campus Gatestill used to study secretarial science and certificate at the Hotel & restaurant. On 30 April 1998, after operating for nearly 23 years, the campus Sura Gate has finallyreturned to State Government in full. Accordingly, All activities and student placement is based at the campus of the Sura Hujung by leaving many memoriesfond and bitter.

Dated October 19, 1978, laying the foundation stone for the permanent campus of UiTM Dungun was completed by the late Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah in Sura Hujung. This area covers 1,306,536 square meters which is 342.536 square meters in area bordering the South China Sea coast and 964,000 square feet in the hills opposite Sura.

Construction of the permanent campus in Sura Hujung implemented in stages through several phases. The results of the implementation of the fourth phase and physical development in Malaysia Plan, the 6th and 7th, now UiTM Dungun has developed the whole area next to the beach and 500.00 square meters across the lake.