• Each individual is able to achieve excellence through the transfer of knowledge and the application of values in order to become professional graduates who are capable of expanding knowledge and developing self, society and nation.


  • Provide maximum opportunities for bumiputras to pursue professionaleducation in the fields of science, industry, technology, trade, art and community.
  • Provide quality instruction and innovative as well as meet the needs of the market and customers, as well as supporting the national development policy.
  • Creating humanitarian development programme as a tool to implement the system value of the UiTM.
  • Ensure that UiTM products not only meet the domestic market use of manpower, but also are willing to serve at the global level.
  • Making UiTM a brilliant organization that can guarantee the management ofhuman resources, finance and property effectively and efficiently to achieve the goal of education in UiTM and play a role as a catalyst for community development.