Areas and topics of interest include, BUT are not limited to, the following:

Track 1: Recent Practices and Innovations in Science, Engineering, and Technology for Digital Society 5.0

  • Advanced Engineering Technologies 
  • Emerging Computing Technologies, Multimedia, and Information Science
  • Affective Mathematics and Statistics
  • Sustainable Physical and Life Sciences Research
  • Community Health Science and Biomedicines Research


Track 2: Challenges and Innovations in Social Science for Digital Society 5.0

  • Emerging Business, Accounting, and Economics Development
  • Issues and Challenges in Law and Government Studies
  • Digital Transformation Trends in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Environmental Challenges in Social and Human Development
  • Contemporary Culture and Religious Science Research


Track 3: Holistic Education for Digital Society 5.0  

  • Innovative Educational Practice
  • Holistic Pedagogy, Learning Theory, and Approach
  • Teaching and Learning Transformative Assessment
  • Digital Classroom
  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Teaching and Learning with Diverse Population
  • Inclusive Education






All articles must be submitted online via EasyChair and should follow the instructions and templates given.

Terms, rules, and regulations of the conference are as follows:

  • All articles must be written in English.
  • Submitted articles may not exceed eight (8) pages.
  • Extra pages [i.e. page nine (9) and above] will be charged RM100 or USD25/per page but will likely be between nine (9) to twelve (12) pages/per article.
  • Paper content must be original and authors are required to ensure accuracy of quotations, citations, diagrams, maps, and tables.
  • Figures and tables need to be placed where they are to appear in the text and must be clear and easy to view.
  • Authors are required to proofread the article and submit the article together with plagiarism report.
  • Similarity index of the article must be below 20%.
  • There is no refund for cancellation

The template for SCOPUS Indexed Publications are as follows:

The template for e-proceeding with e-ISBN: